Photo of ALMAAHH board and dignitaries from Cien Latinos event

Celebration Kicks off Initiative for a First-Class Latino Cultural & Visual Arts Complex


The initiative to create a first-class Latino cultural and visual arts complex kicked off in Houston recently with a celebratory event and a grassroots fundraising campaign. Hosted by Advocates of a Latino Museum of Cultural and Visual Arts & Archive Complex in Houston, Harris County (ALMAAHH), the event brought together Houston’s Latino community, art lovers, artists, public officials, heads of major institutions & philanthropy, and Latino donors to the Cien Latinos por la Cultura fundraising campaign.

This outdoor event, complete with cultural entertainment including a visual art mural, spoken word performance, indigenous dancers, and operatic tenor accompanied by mariachi, served as ALMAAHH’s official introduction to the community. Guests heard for the first time the organization’s vision and next steps in this important endeavor. The Board of Directors was introduced, and donors of the Cien Latinos por la Cultura campaign were spotlighted. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Council Members Cisneros and Gallegos spoke at the event, expressing their support for the initiative.

“Houston is witnessing the birth of a new type of Latino institution, with authentic cultural representation and equity. We can finally have a destination where our vibrant, colorful, and diverse culture and art have a home,” said Geraldina Interiano Wise, Artist and ALMAAHH Board Chair. “We are planning for the future, to create a place that is accessible to all Latinos. This week, ALMAAHH supporters and community members joined together for our voices to be heard as an unstoppable movement.”

“The opportunity to serve as Co-Chair of the fundraising kick-off event for ALMAAHH, Cien Latinos por la Cultura, proved rewarding and fruitful. This was an historic event and I am grateful for our first 100+ donors who believe in this vision and who will help lay the foundation for how we will change Houston’s landscape,” said Wendy Montoya Cloonan, Shareholder, The Law Office of Wendy Montoya Cloonan, PLLC and event Co-Chair.

Cien Latinos por la Cultura brought together the community to support ALMAAHH’s vision of creating a complex dedicated to promoting the richness and diversity of Latino arts and culture to local, state, and national audiences,” said Paula Mendoza, CEO, Possible Missions and Co-Chair. “The event was a success, and we’re grateful for the momentum that the event has helped to generate.”

More about ALMAAHH

ALMAAHH is a new organization dedicated to the creation of a state-of-the-art cultural and visual arts complex in Houston that will showcase, preserve, and expand Latino arts creating opportunities for growth locally and nationally. Accessibility and inclusivity will inform the decisions that will drive the project, which will become a new tourist destination and will help elevate Houston as a national hub of Latino culture. For more information or to sign up for updates, visit

ALMAAHH’s vision has already received enthusiastic support and recognition from prominent Houston-area leaders. Though the first phase of the initiative is just beginning, support from the City of Houston already has included $40,000 in seed money from Council Member Karla Cisneros and $110,000 from Council Member Robert Gallegos, with Mayor Turner’s support. Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia is lending his support in identifying potential Harris County land for the complex.

ALMAAHH Board Members include:

  • Geraldina Interiano Wise, artist, serves as ALMAAHH Board Chair;
  • David Contreras, serves as ALMAAHH Treasurer;
  • Norma Torres Mendoza, E&Y- Parthenon, serves as ALMAAHH Secretary;
  • Honorable David Medina, Chamberlain Hrdlicka;
  • Sofia Adrogué, Diamond McCarthy LLP;
  • Tony Diaz, Nuestra Palabra;
  • Nory Angel, American Leadership Forum;
  • Dorothy Caram;
  • Nelly Fraga, Ambassadors International Ballet Folklorico; and,
  • Massey Villarreal, Precision Task Group, Inc.

More information about the next steps will be shared through the ALMAAHH website, social media, and newsletter. Learn more at

Cien Latinos por la Cultura

Cien Latinos por la Cultura is ALMAAHH’s first fundraising campaign. It gives the community an opportunity to help get the initiative off the ground by providing seed money to start organizing activities. The goal was to reach 100 donors, which was achieved earlier in the week, raising more than $50,000 so far. The campaign is still underway, and donations are still being accepted. You can learn more at


Mrs. Sofia Adrogué

Ms. Claudia Aguirre

Mr. & Mrs. Adelqui & Suzanne Boué

Mrs. Nory Angel & Mr. Oleg Jolic

Mrs. Elizabeth Gonzalez Brock

Ms. Patricia Cabrera

Dr. Dorothy Caram

Mr. Beto Cardenas & Mrs. Norma Bustamante Cardenas

Mr. Arturo Chavez

Dr. & Mrs. Igor & Gisela Cherches

Mr. John Steven Cisneros

Council Member Karla Cisneros & Mr. Romulo Cisneros

Mrs. Wendy Montoya Cloonan & Mr. Shawn Cloonan

Mr. Edgar Colón

Mr. & Mrs. David & Millie Contreras

Mr. & Mrs. Roberto & Claudia Contreras

Mrs. Judith Cruz, HISD Trustee

Mr. & Mrs. Nicklus & Adriana Cune

Dr. Yvonne Romero Da Silva

Mr. & Mrs. Tony Diaz & Carolina Ortuzar-Diaz

Mr. & Mrs. John & Elizabeth Donnelly

Mrs. Frances Castañeda Dyess

Mr. Al Flores

Mr. & Mrs. Felix & Nelly Fraga

Council Member Robert Gallegos

Mr. & Mrs. Manuel & Cristina Garcia Gamboa

Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia

Mr. & Mrs. Ray & Lisa Garcia

Mr. Roland Garcia

Mr. Tony Garcia Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Dax & Maggie Garza

Ms. Marilu Barnes Garza

Mr. Sergio Garza

Mr. & Mrs. Victor & Beatrice (Bea) Garza

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez & Mrs. Melissa Gonzalez

Mr. George Y. Gonzalez

Mrs. Irma Díaz-Gonzalez & Mr. Roberto Gonzalez

Honorable Eva Guzman

Mr. Eugene David Herrera

Ms. Suzie Kondylopolous

Mrs. Michele Leal

Justice David M. Medina & Paula A. Medina

Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Paula Mendoza

Mrs. Arlette Molina

Mrs. Gabriella Monterroso & Mr. Rafael Serrano

Ms. Maria del Pilar Montes

Mr. Jacob Monty

State Representative Christina Morales

Mr. Daniel Morales

Ms. Terry Morales

Mrs. Tiffany Cuellar Needham & Mr. Paul Needham

Mr. Alex Lopez Negrete

Mr. Neftalí Partida

State Representative Mary Ann Perez

Mrs. Tina Arias Peterman

Mrs. Lenora Sorola-Polhman

Dr. Pamela Quiroz & Mr. James Patera

Mrs. Brenda A. Rangel

Ms. Audrey Reed

Mrs. Conchita Reyes

Mrs. Rebecca Reyes

Mr. & Mrs. Peter & Kathleen Rodriguez

Mr. David Ruiz

Mrs. Graciela Saenz & Mr. Al Castillo

Mrs. Gabriella Wise Smith

Dr. Adriana Tamez, HCC Trustee

Mr. Gerard Torres

Mrs. Norma Torres Mendoza & Mr. Plácido A. Gomez

Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Ileana Treviño

Mrs. Holly Maria Flynn Vilaseca, HISD Trustee, & Mr. Nelson Ocampo

Mr. Carlos Villagrana & Mrs. Lourdes Ocasio Quiñones

Mr. & Mrs. Massey & Cindy Villarreal

State Representative Armando Walle & Mrs. Debbie Walle

Mrs. Mayte Sera Weitzman

Mrs. Geraldina Interiano Wise & Mr. Scott W. Wise

Mr. & Mrs. Russell & Monica Ybarra

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