ARt by Nancy Oberer
Artist: Nancy Oberer


Advocates of a Latino Museum of Cultural and Visual Arts & Archive Complex in Houston, Harris County (ALMAAHH) is a new organization dedicated to the creation of a Houston-area cultural and visual arts complex that will showcase, preserve, and expand Latino arts. The complex would support Latino culture and visual arts by creating opportunities to grow locally and nationally as well as helping to elevate Houston as a national hub of Latino culture.

ALMAAHH Mission Statement

We are uniting to plan and program the building and design of a sustainable, state-of-the-art Museum complex for Latino Art & Culture in Houston, Texas, in partnership with public entities. We aim to ensure the equitable, authentic representation and access to the diverse Latino Culture and communities of Greater Houston. We will do so by creating the intellectual and digital infrastructure to listen, understand, quantify, and map Houston’s Latino Cultural Capital in an inclusive, grass roots way. The built environment, intellectual infrastructure, and digital platform will support, connect and grow Houston’s Latino Art & Culture EcoSystem for the benefit of all Houstonians.

ALMAAHH Vision Statement

To showcase and accelerate Latino culture and arts by creating opportunities locally and nationally, while promoting understanding of Latinos, thus elevating Houston as the national center of Latino culture, education and economic prosperity.

ALMAAHH Board Members