Teaching Artist Opportunity

Work with us

We are one of the 2024 TWA Grant Recipients for

ALMAAHH Beyond Borders

We will be exposing underserved youth to the arts through experimentation in diverse artistic disciplines in order to increase creativity and identity awareness that in turn will encourage logical thinking, positively influence literacy, overall academic performance, outlook in life and open them up to imagine and create their own world through art.

We will provide students with a booklet containing a series of art lessons for them to experiment even outside of school. The booklet will be available for free to other teachers and general public. 

If you are an artist who enjoys working with students, we invite you to complete this form to express your interest in participating in this program. 

This is a paid opportunity, where you would receive a $1000 honorarium to provide the following: 

  • Initial meeting to discuss ideas in the group of selected artists 
  • Create one lesson plan in your artistic discipline, understanding that the intelectual creative work invested in this lesson plan will be property of ALMAAHH to be distributed for free to the general public, as part of an ALMAAHH Arts Education Toolkit booklet. The goal of each lesson plan should be the exploration of their inner artist through your chosen medium, while providing them with tools to express themselves through art, and inspire self awareness and strength.   
  • Guide the workshop with the help of 2 arts assistants to a population of students ages k-12.
  • Provide written feedback for a report on learnings after the experience.  
  • A stipend for materials will be provided. Please keep in mind this has to be accessible to everyone. Therefore, is encourage to utilize simple, easy to obtain materials. 
  • Must fill out the ALMAAHH Latino Census if you have not done so

Please send any questions to: ArtistOpportunities@almaahh.org 

Artists will be contacted regarding this opportunity starting July 29, 2024