The Advocates of a Latino Museum of Cultural and Visual Arts and Archive in Houston, Harris County (ALMAAHH) seeks an innovative, visionary, and bold inaugural President. This is an opportunity to strategically develop and lead a comprehensive arts complex that showcases, honors, and presents the vibrant contributions of Latinos in arts and culture in the U.S. and throughout the world. Anchored in the dynamic city of Houston, ALMAAHH is a newly established native digital organization dedicated to creating an authentic performing, visual, and cultural arts experience. ALMAAHH will celebrate all aspects of Latino history, art, and culture by commissioning and sharing exemplary performances in theater, music, and dance, displaying state-of-the-art exhibitions, integrating culinary arts, and offering a wide array of programs. The one-of-a-kind museum complex will serve communities in Houston and beyond with compelling educational and artistic experiences that uplift the Latino experience in the U.S. and promote inclusion and belonging. 

ALMAAHH is the result of decades of goodwill and dedicated community leaders who resisted the tradition of silence and established themselves with a deep sense of urgency. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, following a renewed understanding of the inequities facing communities that have historically been under resourced, including in the arts and culture sector, leaders across Houston’s Latino community established ALMAAHH to promote bridgebuilding. Today, ALMAAHH is enthusiastically supported by a 13-member Board of Directors. In October 2021, the Board publicly launched its effort with “Cien Latinos por la Cultura” or “100 Latinos for the Culture,” debuting its inaugural community of donors and securing seed funding from local elected officials. The organization is now supported by more than 86 individuals and organizations, and contributions to date total more than $1.7million. ALMAAAH is poised to play a prominent role as a national movement-builder that authentically captures and promotes understanding of the evolving stories of a growing community of Latinos, whose talent, educational, and economic influence have long been a part of the fabric of the United States.

The inaugural President of ALMAAHH will work closely with the dedicated Board of Directors and the Greater Houston community to develop and implement a distinctive vision for the organization that accelerates the ambitious goal of making Houston a primary and comprehensive cultural destination for Latino history, art, and culture. With a passion for and strong commitment to the ALMAAHH mission, the President will work assiduously to deepen relationships across the city with community groups, area schools, and civic leaders to foster meaningful programs that are compelling, relevant, inclusive, and that resonate with and attract diverse audiences of the region. They will bring an ability to translate ideas into action, and have a record of innovative and strategic leadership, an entrepreneurial drive, and a highly collaborative spirit. The new leader will also be a seasoned fundraiser who is energized to be the chief advocate for a digital forward cultural experience and break ground for a museum complex that will honor the past, enliven the present, and nurture the future of the Latino community.

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Karen Avery is leading this search with Berlinda Mojica and Izzy Atkinson on behalf of Isaacson, Miller.